What is the de jure Grand Jural Assembly?

Unlike the European model described in the Magna Carta where the King descended to the level of the people to establish laws that were common to the King and the people, the American Republic has never had a King or a class of Nobility that sits above the people. We the People are the founders of this country, and the idea of Sovereignty being held by the people has been a theme of this land long before the Europeans settled it. The Iroquois Indians have the world's oldest living constitution and it's still in force. 

The Iroquois had the Great Peace Counsel or the Long House Counsel that was the governing body made up of all those who wanted to participate and be heard. From this concept we derive our lawful right to assemble and call a grand jury.

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Join the Assembly

The right to peaceably assemble to petition the Government and redress your grievance is much more than the right to protest. It's the rightful authority to Assemble with your peers and call a Grand Jury, which acts as the highest court in the land, and explains how our Government draws its power from the Governed.



Who holds the Government responsible when they overstep their authority? Or if there's corruption?

We do. We as in You and Us as We the People. The problem is that most of us weren't taught how to do that. The North Carolina de jure Assembly is forming Committees of Safety in every County.



This is a National movement to empower the people. A Global Restoration Plan has been approved by every country in the world. The goal is for people to be in control of their Community, education, construction, law enforcement, and whatever it takes to create the world you want to live in.