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Before we are born, we begin to learn. The enjoyment of learning can last lifetimes. Each of us is meant to pursue our passions. Education is meant to hone our innate talents, sharpen the skills required to pursue our passions and give us the tools to live happy productive lives. In North Carolina, there are currently many choices of schooling for K-12 children: traditional, charter schools, home schooling, private schools (including Montessori), laboratory schools, and academies. North Carolina is famous for its Colleges and Universities and offers many options to learn life and trade skills.  The FNCA plans to improve the existing educational offerings to assist with critical thinking skills that teach people how to think and not “what to think.” Our goal is to create adaptable models that engage all ages, at every level of development, to help to build skills, provide direction, and foster the natural qualities innate and unique to everyone.