Projects & The Restoration 

A project is a declaration of commitment to act to produce a specific outcome in the future for a person or community. The declaration of a project launches, organizes, and focuses committed thinking, actions, inventions and innovations.

Restoration Projects are projects that provide solutions that have been identified as essential during Needs Assessments performed by our Core Restoration Committees. Projects will bring new technologies or processes to the peoples and communities of our planet. The Global Peace and Restoration Consortium of Member States (GPRCMS) is forming a network of persons with vision, experience, knowledge, and wisdom to align and coordinate projects worldwide.

Project funding will be provided through the National and State Assemblies, the Global Health and Wellness Consortium (GHWC), or the Global Intelligence Agency (GIA) by the GPRCMS. People who are professional project, program, and project-portfolio managers will be available to help with the design, setup, and management of every project, to ensure that every project funded and undertaken is successful.

These resources and guidance support the vision and goals of The Interim Head of State, Global Guardian, and Director of the Global Intelligence Agency. Project holders must be in agreement with the Resolution of Once Accord and must align with community needs as assessed by Assemblies.


To submit a Project idea, go to the Project Submittal tab.