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Mission Statement

Join Our Assembly

We are the sovereign People of the state of North Carolina. We are interdependent—free from enslavement, clean of corruption, and self-governing. We represent all benevolent voices of The People. We hold ourselves and our political systems accountable to operate in compliance with “The Resolution of One Accord.”

Furthermore, The People are joined in co-creation with our Creator and all those who acknowledge our Creator’s authority in the process of Restoration of our state, our country, and our world. Our plans are to accomplish projects that restore Freedom, Health, Well-being, Justice, Tranquility, and Prosperity to every individual of our state and our nation.

The “Assembly” is the inclusive voice of The People. The Assembly serves as a means to exercise our First Amendment and God-given right to independent speech and thought. We are making a difference in our communities, in our state and in our nation, as well as creating cohesive partnerships with Assemblies all over the globe.


Find out how you can be part of the biggest movement in history. Be the solution NOW! Learn about the structure of Assemblies by clicking HERE.


We live in challenging times. All organizations have had to find ways to engage with members virtually. Through necessity, we have adapted to essential new technologies, i.e., Zoom. Members from all over the state can now “show up” for our weekly hour-long gatherings without having to get in the car.


Before joining the First-In-Flight North Carolina de jure Assembly, you will of course want to know more about what belonging to the Assembly involves. We invite you to be our guest each week. You decide whether FNCA is the place for YOU to get involved and make a difference. Click HERE to get the Zoom call details.